Lessons for a Child Who Arrives Late

Lessons for a Child Who Arrives Late


Carlos Yushimito

Translated by Valerie Miles

A mascot for an electronics store dreams of making it in the drug world of Rio de Janeiro. A tin man ponders the mysteries of death as a heart starts to take charge of his limbs, while in a place not so far away a boy tries to play the piano like Margarita, the teacher’s cruel and beautiful niece. In stories filled with violence and tenderness, love and disconnection, Carlos Yushimito’s long-anticipated debut explores the subtle space of estrangement.

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Praise for Lessons for a Child Who Arrives Late

“Carlos Yushimito is one of the few writers in Latin American literature today creating new ways to look at the world.”—Yuri Herrera, author of Signs Preceding the End of the World

“Yushimito is a rising star in contemporary Spanish fiction.”—Carles Geli, El Pais

“Since the publication of Las islas (The Islands), no-one has doubted that Carlos Yushimito was going to become a leading author in the talented new generation of Peruvian writers under forty. Now, he has the added bonus of being a surprise pick by Granta as one of the best Spanish-language authors under 35.”—Moleskine Literario

“The new generation is represented by Carlos Yushimito, the author of a fascinating and unique set of stories set in an imagined, timeless Brazil constructed from hearsay and literature.” —Diario El Comercio

“A unique breath of fresh air in an everyday setting. Genuine, necessary writing.” —La Vanguardia

“One of the best young authors writing in Spanish.”—Granta

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First Published: November 21, 2017
5.25 x 8 | 246 pages
Rights: WE
978-1-945492-05-1 (paperback)
978-1-945492-08-2 (ebook)