Transit's Half-Birthday Party / River Launch

We're turning three and a half or one and a half (depending on how you count!) and are throwing a party to celebrate and launch Esther Kinsky's Rivertranslated from the German by Iain Galbraith. Join us at E.M. Wolfman for an evening of drinks, good company, and fluvial puns!

WHERE:   E.M. Wolfman (410 13th St, Oakland, CA 94612)
WHEN:     Thursday, September 27, 7:00–10:00
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“Esther Kinsky’s unnamed narrator observes and remembers, piling up beautiful, silt-like layers of description and memory until it becomes difficult to know which is which . . . This is a book to relish.”—The Guardian

“The form of River mirrors its content; its consciousness flows with a sense that, like water to the sea, it will one day lose itself.”—Times Literary Supplement

A woman moves to a London suburb near the River Lea, without knowing quite why or for how long. Over a series of long, solitary walks she reminisces about the rivers she has encountered during her life, from the Rhine, her childhood river, to the Saint Lawrence, and a stream in Tel Aviv. Filled with poignancy and poetic observation, River is an ode to nature, edgelands, and the transience of all things human.