Andrés Barba Interview in The Paris Review

Yesterday, in The Paris Review Daily, Andrés Barba's August, October—translated by Lisa Dillman and published by Hispabooks—received a hearty recommendation from Lorin Stein. Barba goes on to speak with the writer Jonathan Lee, touching on everything from the "incommunicable" to translating the "deliberately arcane tone" of Moby Dick into Spanish. It's great to see Barba's work starting to receive the attention it deserves, and we're excited to be teaming up with both Barba and Dillman to publish even more.

From the interview:

To my mind, the quintessential territory of literature is the private realm, the intimate world, the ‘incommunicable,’ and the way those internal structures come through in the small gestures and actions of our everyday, outward lives. I consider myself a child of Henry James in that sense. Our intimate worlds make up everything that has anything to do with us, in the end, because everything is naturally concentrated in them. We’re aware of the problems that are going to accompany us throughout our lives, and yet for some mysterious reason, we never get used to those questions. It’s as if each man and each woman has to go through that learning process in private, on their own, again and again, without the help of culture or literature or the testimony of the hundreds of millions of people that came before them.