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Your contribution will allow us to continue to publish great works of literature and invite new paths of conversation between our readers in the Bay Area and beyond. 

As a nonprofit publishing house, we thrive on the generosity and support of our founding members. Founding members get early access to new books, ticketed events, and the chance to peek inside the press through conversations with Transit authors, editors, and translators. In addition, founding members giving at the following levels will receive:

$100 – Sailmaker
Transit tote!

$250 – Boatswain
First two titles and Transit tote

$500 – Shipwright
A year of Transit titles (four books) and Transit tote

$1,000 – Sailmaster
Autographed first editions of each Transit title (four books) plus Transit swag

$5,000 – Captain's Circle
Advance reader copies and autographed first editions of each Transit title (four books) plus all the Transit swag

If you are interested in other giving options, such as corporate matching funds or sponsoring an event or author tour, write to us at editors [at] transitbooks [dot] org.


Transit Books is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Your donation will be tax deductible to the full extent of the law.